Our story

Committed to producing the best seafood in the world

As one of the only sea scallop farms in the United States, we are passionate about raising, harvesting, and delivering only the freshest, highest-quality product. From seed to market size, we care for each scallop over a three-year process. Our technique is based on a nearly century-old method originally developed in Japan. Our scallops spend their entire lives in the upper portions of the ocean, never touching the bottom and filtering the highest quality, naturally occurring nutrients. As filter feeders, scallops require no feed, fertilizers, or inputs. This method produces plump, succulent meat.

We choose to harvest our scallops during the beautiful summer months in Maine when scallops actively store fats and sugars in preparation for the long winter. This tried-and-true method produces plump roe, a sweet skirt, and rich, fatty meat. Our scallops are truly unique, and we can’t wait to share them with you.

Our farm

Vertical Bay Scallops are grown in the cold, clean, nutrient-rich waters of Penobscot Bay.


We seed our farm using wild scallop “spat” that we catch locally. Mature adults release baby scallops in the late summer months. After forming a shell and growing rapidly through the winter and spring, the scallops are finally hardy enough to handle. Nearly a year after the scallops are born, the seed formally enters our care.


Our scallops live in nets for the first year on the farm, constantly filtering the nutrient-rich waters in a safe environment free from predators. After the first year on the farm, the scallops are suspended in the water column on “ear-hanging” lines, with ample space and freedom to grow.


Vertical Bay Scallops live long and happy lives, some spending over 3 years under our care. We handle each scallop up to 10 times during this period: grading for size, ear-hanging and pinning, and finally hand-selecting and hand-cleaning for harvest. We hope you appreciate the journey these animals have undergone and the care it has taken for them to reach your plate.

Our Partners

We work hand-in-hand with researchers, industry groups, and other farmers to help strengthen the future of scallop farming in Maine.

Who We Are

Founded in 2017, Vertical Bay is proud to employ a local crew that believes deeply in the importance of a strong marine ecosystem and has a passion for working on the water. We strive to support local Maine communities and see the emerging scallop industry as a powerful means of creating long-term resilience in the face of a changing Gulf of Maine.

Follow us on the farm, in the kitchen, and in the wild @verticalbaymaine