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Vertical Bay Crudo Sampler

Vertical Bay Crudo Sampler

A fun and interactive cooking experience that’s perfect for dinner parties. Easy to prepare and offers the chance to try new flavors. Simply slice each scallop horizontally into three pieces, lay your slices into shells, and top with our favorite dressings. We’ve provided the staples: sour, sweet, and spicy. For alternative pairings, combine your favorite citrus, EVOO, and seasonings. Let us know what you love! Serves 6-9.

Kit includes:
3 lbs Vertical Bay shucked scallops
20 cleaned scallop shells for serving presentation
• 1 4 oz jar of Rhea Liquid Sunshine: Preserved Lemon Crush Made in Camden, ME, this preserved lemon spread has just the right amount of salt to brighten any dish.
1 8 oz jar of ONINO Crispy Chili Made in Brooklyn, NY, this smoky, textured spread brings a touch of heat. 
2 2.5 oz boxes of Yuzo Kosho (1 red and 1 green) Made in Japan, this blend of Yuzu zest, ground chile, and sea salt packs a complex sweet-spicy-citrusy punch ( refrigerate after opening ).

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