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Vertical Bay Scallop Omakase Box

Vertical Bay Scallop Omakase Box

“Vertical Bay scallops exceed sushi grade,” making them perfect for traditional sushi and sashimi preparations. This kit gives you the foundational flavors to enhance the natural taste of our raw scallops. To enjoy, thinly slice each scallop, dress with the Maine-made soy sauce and garnish with umami-packed Ocean’s Balance Maine Grown Kombu Flakes. Serves 6-9.

Kit includes:

3 lbs Vertical Bay shucked scallops
1 bottle of Moromi Rye Soy Sauce – Based on the coast of Connecticut, Moromi’s sauce is slow-brewed from locally-grown Abruzzi Rye and organic soybeans. It is a favorite of home and professional cooks thanks to its complexity and deep umami flavor.
1 57g tin of Ocean’s Balance Maine Grown Kombu Flakes – From our friends at Ocean’s Balance in Portland, Maine, these flakes pack an umami punch. Ocean’s Balance is a pioneering aquaculture company that grows its seaweed in the cold waters of Casco Bay.

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